MyIntent Live

  • What is a Session?

    A Session is an engaging, exciting, and inclusive experience led by a trained MyIntent Guide.
  • What is a Guide?

    The Guides lead our Sessions. They are not here to preach, lecture, or convince but rather provide you with the tools that will help you arrive at your own answers.
  • What is a Path?

    Our Paths are meant to help guide you towards the Session that you are looking for. We have broken them up into 8 themes to provide context to each Session.
  • Do I need to have my camera on to join?

    You are not required to turn your camera on during the Sessions. You are welcome to listen in rather than actively participate. This is your Session.
  • Will I ever have to pay to join a Session?

    All of our Sessions are and will remain Free of Charge.
  • Why is the session being recorded?

    We record our sessions for both quality assurance as well as safety assurance. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and by recording, we are able to revisit any footage that may require special attention.
  • Will any of the recorded footage be shown publicly?

    Any footage shown publicly is for promotional purposes only.
  • What happens when you go within?

    Truth is, it’s all up to you. These courses give you a chance to tap into yourself and begin to ask questions and find answers for yourself. Although there is no one path, what we can tell you is that once you commit to taking the courses and asking the questions, you begin to grow as a person an...
  • How do I know I am ready to take a course?

    Once you think about inner healing, you are officially ready to start! Take the journey at your own pace. The great thing about the platform is it’s a risk free way to step in to healing. Try a meditation, enter a discussion and observe (or talk – we would love to hear what you have to say!), or ...
  • What are normal emotions to feel during the courses?

    This sounds odd but every emotion is welcome and normal. There may be a class that leaves you elated, which is great – we all love that. There also may be a class that leaves you in tears, frustrated or angry – that’s okay too! Sometimes “bad” feelings need to take center stage to let you work th...