How will my WORD show on the Token?

Every letter of every WORD on a MyIntent token is stamped by hand, not a machine. We haveĀ had the privilege to create thousands of WORDs and WORD combinations over the last few years! Here are the rules we follow to make sure your WORD looks perfect, every time.

Single WORDs:
Your WORD will be stamped across the lower part of your Token

Combination WORDs:
For Necklaces, Keychains & Individual Tokens, we stamp your WORDs continuously around the token regardless of how many WORDs. Please note that your WORD or WORD combination may be up to 14 Characters. You can have multiple WORDs as long as your total characters don't exceed 14 (a space counts as 1 character).
For Our Bracelets:

  • If you have two short words like LET GO both WORDs will be stamped at the bottom of the token.
  • If you have two longer words like TRUST YOURSELF we will stamp the first WORD: TRUST on the top half of the token, and the second WORD: YOURSELF on the bottom half of the token.
  • If you would like to include special instructions about placement, you must include a note in your cart. Be sure to use this format: Top: YOUR Bottom: WORD

Remember we only stamp on one side of the token. All tokens will have MyIntent branding on the back which ensures the token is authentic.
Feel free to check out the MyIntent InstagramĀ page for some extra inspiration in choosing a special WORD or WORD combo!